UPCOMING NOTICE: Doll Auction: Sunday, March 31, 2019 5353 No. 27th Street

Auction Notice:

  Large Antique & Modern Doll Auction--


*French & German Bisque Dolls*
*German Bisque Baby Dolls*
  *All Bisque Dolls*  

*German Chinas & Parians* 
*Composition Dolls*
*Schoenhut Doll & Animals*

*Hard Plastic*
 *Modern Dolls*
*Kish, Wendy Lawton, Tonner*
*Artist & Reproduction Dolls*

*Artist Bisque* *Steiff Bears & Dolls*
*R. John Wright* *Maggie Iacono* *Lenci*  *Madame Alexander*

Sunday, March 31, 2019    10:00 AM     Preview 8:00 AM
5353 No. 27th Street       Lincoln, Nebraska 

From the intersection of  No. 27th Street & Superior Streets,
Travel North 1/2 Mile to Folkways Blvd, Turn Left/West (1) Block to No. 26th Street,
Turn Left/South on No. 26th Street to auction site.

(Follow auction arrow signs.)
Quite a few photos have now been posted.  More pics posted March 1. *Please note-Not all dolls will be pictured in the gallery*
Please click on the View Photos icon below to access the gallery.



(2)  22", 23" Jumeau;  
18" Tete Jumeau;
12" J.E. Mason, Limoges;
17" SFBJ 301


19" Marked 21 Germany R101 “Falconer” w/Music Box;

14 ½" Solid Dome Belton #103 Gent Tipping Hat Music Box; 
Mechanical Baby in Buggy Marked 162;


29" DEP;  19" Harmas;
16 ½" S. Halbig #1249 SANTA;
20" S. Halbig #530;  23" S. Halbig 550; S. Halbig #1079;   12" S. Halbig #1009;
22" & 27" Handwerck  Halbig #99; 
31" Karl Hartman;

23 ½" Heinrich Handwerck #109; 
22" Bruno Schmidt;  
30" Kestner #171;
28" KMW #1070;

26" & 29" SPBH#1909;
17" W.Z. #10586;
19" Germany #182;
18" C.M. Bergman #1916;
29" #195;

19" K&K #45;  
11" & 12 ½" Belton; 
22 ½" Queen Louise #100;  

22" COD #1912;   22" ABG;  H. Schwab;
21" Solid Dome Turned Shoulderhead;  24" Turned Shoulderhead;  18 ½" Turned Shoulderhead “H”;
Kestner #154 & #195;  
Morimura Bros.;  Recknagel; 
A.M. Native American;
A.M. Dolls; H.Koppelsdorf BABIES:
28" K.& W. #1070 Toddler;
Hertel Schwab #152;
Bye Lo Baby;
A.M. 985;
FS & Co. 1272/23Z; Nippon; 
A.M. Dream Babies;  A.M. #341; 
Arranbee Baby


Happy Fats Man & Woman; 
4" Germany  94-10;  4" All Bisque German #620;

5" German Girl #5034;  
All Bisque Cupoid;
All Bisque Bye Lo Baby;
4 ½" All Bisque #520; 
8" Gr.Heubach;

4 3/4" Germany #833; 
7" All Bisque Germany Girl; 
7 ½" K*R Halbig Walker; 
German Piano Babies


19" M. Alexander McGuffey Ana;
15" & 18" M. Alexander Sonja Henie;

15" Ideal Deanna Durbin;
(2) 16" Ideal Shirley Temple; 
20" Effanbee Anne-Shirley;  Patsyette; 
Boudoir Dolls; 
Set of  M. Alexander  “Dionne Quints” w/ “Dr. Dafoe” & “Nurse”;
Campbell Kid; Kewpie


Black  Terri Lee “Bonnie Lou” & “Benji”;
(4) Terri & Jerri Lee Patent Pending;

(2) Terri Lee; Tiny Terri Lee & Jerri Lee;  
M. Alexander “Maggie”, “Binnie Walker”; 20" M. Alexander “Cissy”;
24" M. Alexander “Little Genius” Baby;
Ideal “Miss Revlon” &“Little Miss Revlon”; 
10" Am. Character “Toni”; 24" Am. Character “Sweet Sue”; 
Ideal P-90 “Toni” &  Ideal Harriet Hubbard Ayer”; 
R&B;  Vogue “Brikette”; 
Ideal Saucy Walkers; 
R&B “Littlest Angel” & Others


Large Vintage Nodding Bulldog w/Glass Eyes;
15" Schoenhut Girl/Circus Donkey/Elephant/Circus Acrobat Riding Horse & Pianos;
Tin Circus Wagon & Other Tin Toys;
Old Golden Mohair Bears;
Steiff  Bears & Dolls; Raikes; Hermann Bears;
Lenci Dolls; R. John Wright; 
Martha Chase/Alabama Dolls; 
Kathe Kruse; Maggie Iacono; 
Pooh’s Tree House Set; 
Asian Dolls;  Skookum; 
Doll Furniture; 
Much More Not Listed

Bluette;  SFBJ;  Handwerck;  Jumeau;  Hilda

Brown Eyed Covered Wagon & Brown Eyed Flat Top Center Part; 
Kling;  Black Haired German Chinas ;
Blonde Haired Parians;  Bonnet Hat Parian; 
Lg. Frozen Charlie; 
Half Bisque Dolls


(50+) Wendy Lawton Dolls- Most MIB including Jazz Baby & All Accessories; 
(20) Annette Himstedt; Rotraut Schrott; Hildegard Guenzel;
Kish; Tonner Dolls;
M. Alexander Lg. Scarlett & Lg. Madame;
M. Alex. Set of Wizard of Oz Dolls w/Tornado House/ Hot Air Balloon/Etc.; 
Madame Alexander Storybook/International/Misc.;
Gene Marshall;
Hummel Dolls;
Vogue Ginnys;
Galoob Baby Face Dolls;
Porcelain Barbies;
Barbies in Boxes;
Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls;
Artist Bisque Dolls: Marie Osmond; Jan MacClean; Jan Hagara; Heidi Plusczok; Lynn & Michael Roche; Sonja Hartman; R. Volpi;
Gay Talbot Boassy Dolls:
Heidi Ott;


This is a very nice doll auction from the Mary Lee Stahlnecker  & Diane Hetherington Collections both from Lincoln, NE.
There are over 350 lots in this auction.

***For those interested in vintage toys & vintage holiday decor, we will be holding an uncatalogued auction the pervious day, Saturday, March 30, 2019
for the Esther Van Gundy Estate at the same facility.  More info about that auction is posted on our website at www.fordfordauctioneers.com.***

If you would like a catalogue for the doll auction, please remit payment to our office of $5.00

  Thank you for attending!


Norman L. Ford – Broker       Gregory A. Ford – Salesman


2000 West Denton Road       Lincoln, NE 68523

www.fordfordauctioneers.com       or     www.fordford.net

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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