RESCHEDULED: MODERN & COLLECTIBLE DOLL AND TOY AUCTION: Saturday August 1, 2020 5353 No. 27th Street Lincoln, NE.

We are asking everyone who attends this auction to wear a mask or face covering while indoors!! 
We do understand that this may be an inconvenience to some and we appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Be aware that once the auction begins, the auctioneer will not have a mask on but will be distanced from the crowd.

Be sure to bring your catalogues!

Auction Notice:

Modern & Collectible Doll and Toy Auction--RESCHEDULED
We are selling for the Jan Fitzsimons & Paige Spence Estates.

*Schoenhut Dolls & Circus Clowns*

*R. John Wright Dolls*
*Rare Kathe Kruse Doll I*
*Kathe Kruse Dolls*
*International Dolls*
*Composition Dolls*
*Modern, Vinyl Dolls*
*Sasha & Terri Lee*

*Wendy Lawton & Kish Dolls*
*Doll House Dolls & Accessories*
*Doll Furniture & Books*
*Doll Houses--Bliss Stable, 1920 Litho Doll House, Lg. Doll House*
*The Black Forest, Litho Marionette Stage w/Marionettes*
*Cast Iron Toys*
*Wind Up Toys*
*Toy Trains*
*Old Animal Pull Toys*
*Steiff & Hermann Bears & Animals--New & Old*

Saturday, August 1, 2020     10:00 AM     Preview 8:00 AM
5353 No. 27th Street      Lincoln, Nebraska 
(Auction held at the Country Inn & Suites--Lower Level)

From the intersection of  No. 27th Street & Superior Street,
Travel North 1/2 Mile to the Country Inn & Suites.
Auction held in the lower level of the hotel on the South side of the building.
(Follow auction arrow signs.)

 Additional photos posted Thursday February, 27. **Please note: Not all dolls and toys will be pictured**

Please click on the "View Photos" icon below to access the gallery.

Additional photos were posted Monday Feb. 24.

We will have a 2 day sale with the vast majority of the antique dolls being sold on Sunday.
In saying this, we will have some antique dolls on the Saturday sale along with modern dolls, toys and misc.

 DOLLS:  Rare Kathe Kruse Doll I;  Schoenhut Dolls; Schoenhut Circus Clowns; Old German Composition Elf;  WIEN Character Ben Franklin & George Washington;
Saroff Character Abe Lincoln & Uncle Sam;  Composition Shirley Temple;  (5) Late 1800s-Early 1900s Wood Punch & Judy Series Puppets (missing Punch);
All Composition Effanbee;  Skookums;  Composition Madame Alexander;  Composition Horsman & Effanbee;  Composition Asian Dolls;  Sasha Dolls;  Early Skipper & Accessories;  1960/61 Ideal Pattite--All Original;  Paper Dolls;  Marilyn Monroe;  Scarlett O'Hara;  Gotz;  1965 Madame Alexander Polly--MIB;  Robert Tonner;  Kish.

FELT & CLOTH DOLLS: R. John Wright--Alice, White Rabbit, Scootles, Kewpie, Toodles, Pincushion, White Goose, Brown Bear, Christopher Robin, Raggedy Ann & Bed;
Wee Golly Girl & Boy;  Merrythought Golly-Wogs;  Steiff Golly-Wogs;  Steiff Man & Woman;  Norah Wellings;  Kathe Kruse--MIB; Cloth & Felt Nationality & Indian Dolls.

TOYS/ANIMALS:  Electric Store Front Goat Nodder; Lg. Mohair Pull Toy Elephant & Donkey;  Pull Toy  Cow;  Pull Toy  Goat;  Early Toy Camel on Wheels;
Early Toy Bear on Wheels; Early Toy Dog on Platform w/Wheels;  Early Toy Camel, Elephants, Pig, Cow, Bear, Dogs, Sheep; Felt Sheep w/Wooden Legs;
Early German Spring Loaded Squeaker Toy;  Old German Monkey Pull Toy.

TOYS: 1940'S Mickey Mouse;  Early Felt Minnie Mouse;  (30+) Steiff Pull Toys, Bears & Animals;  Older Steiff Black Cat & Squirrels; 
German Windup Surrey w/Donkey;  Tin Fire Truck;  Tin Horse Drawn Wagon;  Tin Trains;  Tin US Mail Horse Drawn Wagon;  Tin Toys;  Tin Tops;
Large Wooden (2) Horse Drawn Carriage;  Cast Iron Horse w/Surrey;  Cast Iron Horse w/Wagon;  Cast Iron Child's Stove;  Small Cast Iron & Tin Toys; 
Rolly-Polly;  Youth Chairs;  Noah's Ark Wood Litho Pull Toy.

DOLL HOUSES & ACCESSORIES: Bliss Stable--Misc. Animals & Accessories Sold Separately;  1915-1920 Wooden Litho Doll House; Older Doll Houses; 
The Black Forest, Early Litho Marionette Stage w/Dolls & Christmas Trees;  Doll Furniture;  Doll House Doll Furniture;  Doll House Accessories; 
Children/Doll Furniture;  Disney Tea Set w/Box;  China, Acro Agate & Tin Tea Service Sets;  (6) Figural Tea Service Sets;  Doll Sized Purses;  Perfume Bottles.

MISC:  Flocked Trees;  Huge Collection of 1920's & 30's Child Life Hard Bound Magazines;  Cast Iron Building Banks;  1910 German Santa Candy Container;
Old Vintage Mask Face Santa;  Rabbit Candy Container;  Old Cloth Animals;  Doll Books;  Doll Furniture.

For itemeized catalogues, please remit $5.00 for each day's auction to our office and specify which day's catalogue you would like.
Be sure to visit our website for additional information and updates in case of inclement weather.


 We are selling for the Jan Fitzsimons & Paige Spence Estates.
We are also selling for Mary Stahlnecker.


  Thank you for attending!


Norman L. Ford – Broker       Gregory A. Ford – Salesman


2000 West Denton Road       Lincoln, NE 68523       or

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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