UPCOMING: DOLL AUCTION: DAY #1 Saturday, June 11th, 2022 5353 No. 27th Street Lincoln, NE.


We are selling for the Karen Snyder Estate & Jim Snyder collection from Waverly, NE.
We are also selling for Gwen Hayes Collection from Iowa.

10:00 AM     Preview 8:00 AM
The Country Inn & Suites—5353 No. 27th Street   Lincoln, Nebraska
Auction held in the Convention Center Grand Ballroom—Lower Level

*Large Selection of Advertising Dolls from 1900’s to 2000*
*Very Nice Large Selection of Cloth & Composition*
Nice Selection of Hard Plastic & Vinyl Dolls*

5353 No. 27th Street     Lincoln, Nebraska
(Indoor Auction held at the Country Inn & Suites--Lower Level)


Auction Directions:
At the intersection of No. 27th & Superior Streets,
Travel North 1/2 Mile to Folkways Blvd.,
Turn Left/West on Folkways Blvd. (1) Block to No. 26th Street,
Turn Left/South and go to the end of the building.


Photos have now been posted.  Click on the "View Photos" icon below to access the gallery.
Be sure to click on the thumbnail to expand the photo. *Please Note, not all lots are pictured*

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23” & 21” Early Printed Adv. Cloth Dolls, Palmer Cox Brownie Dolls, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Moses, Dianna & Little Wade,
Goldilocks & the (3) Bears, Coco Wheat, Nursery Rhyme Dolls, Cream of Wheat, Blue Ribbon Malt Extract, Anty Drudge,
Mammy Castoria, Kellogg’s, Original Uncut Adv. Dolls; Birdseye Merry, Mike & Minx.

Mego Characters—Superman, Spiderman, Happy Days Fonzie, Richie, Ralph Malph, Potsie, Muhammed Ali,
The Joker, Cat Woman, Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Kristy McNichol, Sonny & Cher, Dianna Ross, Laverne & Shirley, Squiggy & Lennie.
Ideal—Dick Tracy Bonnie Braids & (5) Dick Tracy Action Figures, Andy Gibb, The Man From UNCLE.
Mattel—Grizzly Adams, Grace Kelley, Debbie Boone, Cheryl Ladd.

15” Ideal Miss Revlon Bride; 1950 Little Miss Revlon; Betsy McCalls; 1950’s American Character Toni Dolls;
Early Ponytail Barbie & Ken; 1964 Hasbro G.I. Joe Action Soldiers; (3) Sashas; 1950’s Ideal Shirley Temples;
16” Terri Lee in Red Terri Lee Box; (2) Terri Lees, Patent Pending; Annette Himstedt; Vogue Brickette;
1966 Madame Alexander Coco; 1950’s Cissy; (2) Madame Alexander Cissettes; 1950’s & 1960’s Madame Alexander Dolls; M. Alexander Babies;
Poor Pitiful Pearl; 1967 Mrs. Beasley; 33” Shirley Temple; 1958 Juro Dick Clark; Ideal Flintstone Kids; 1980s & 1990s Boxed Mattel Barbies;
1990s G.I. Joe Action Figures in Boxes; Effanbee & World Doll; Cabbage Patch; Robin Woods.

(2) Ideal Toni Mint in Box; 24” American Character Walker; 23” & 17” American Character Sweet Sue; (13) Mary Hoyer Dolls;
1950’s Madame Alexander Cinderella; 1950’s Madame Alexander Little Women—Jo, Beth, Amy Meg & Marme;
14” Madame Alexander Binnie Walker; 32” Madame Alexander Walker; Madame Alexander Alexanderkins; Miss Curity Nurse;
Ideal P-90, 91, 92 & 93 Tonis; Vogue Ginny; R & B Nanette; Buddy Lee.

Effanbee--Patsy, Deweese Cochran, Skippy, Patsyette; Ideal-- Shirley Temples, Deanna Durbin, Nancy, Liberty Boy, Jolly Joan;
Cameo--Scootles, Kewpies, & Giggles; Horsman Campbell Kids; Buddy Lee; Jane Withers; Madame Alexander—Snow White, Princess Elizabeth,
Fairy Queen, Wave Girl, Dionne Quintuplets, Margaret O’Brien, Sonia Henie; Freundlich--WWII General MacArthur & Wave Girl; Butterick Mannequin;
Mortimer Snerd; Baby Snooks; Pinocchio; Howdy Doody; Charlie McCarthy; Rosebud; Two Face Baby; Nabisco Adv. Doll.

NOTABLE DOLLS: , Bisqueloid Gladdie ; 21” Schoenhut; Amberg Skookum Indian; Bully Good Skookum Indian Maiden;
Reliable Eskimo; Wood Kallus Margie; Cloth Dolls.

MISC: Hand Puppets to include—Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket; Gund Wendy the Good Little Witch & Baby Huey;
Kelloggs—Snap, Crackle & Pop; Ideal The Addams Family Morticia & Gomez in original packaging; Ideal Superman & Ideal Batman;
Phillip Morris;  Borden Cow Adv. Animals; Norah Wellings; Celluloid Dolls, Rice Mache; Cast Iron Campbell Kids Bank;
Painted Bisque Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls; Wood Anri Dolls; Dolfi Dolls; Trolls; Artist Bisque Gone With The Wind Dolls; Ideal Smokey the Bear;
Raikes Bears; Jan Hagara Figurines & Ornaments; Bobble Head Dolls; Advertising Banks & Figurines; Raggedy Anns; Paper Dolls; Doll Books;
Plush Advertising Animals.

This is a large auction with over 300 lots. Too Much to List!
*For Detailed Itinerary/Catalogues please send $5 for each day to our office and specify which day/s you wish to receive.*


Thank you for attending!
Norman L. Ford – Founder      Gregory A. Ford – Salesman
2000 West Denton Road Lincoln, NE 68523
www.fordfordauctioneers.com or www.fordford.net
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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