UPCOMING: A GENTLEMAN'S ESTATE AUCTION: Saturday, October 8th, 2022 6913 Sumner Street Lincoln, NE.

This sale will be rescheduled to Saturday, October 8th.


We are selling for the Frank Bomberger Estate and Mary Dee Bomberger.

*(25+) Firearms--Hand Guns, Rifles, & Shotguns*
*Ammo, War Medals & Memorabilia*
*Knives & Fishing Equipment*
*Lg. Longhorn Skull & Hide*
*Books--Related to Firearms, Warfare*
*Model Trains & Die Cast Toys*

*Primitives & Collectibles*
*Few Home Furnishings*
Daniel LongSoldier Painting*
*Some Vintage State Penitentary Items*

Saturday, October 8th, 2022     11:00 AM     Preview 10:00 AM
6913 Sumner Street     Lincoln, Nebraska

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Auction Directions:
Just South of So. 70th & "A" Street

Photos have now been posted. 
Click on the "View Photos" icon below to access the gallery.


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Just a reminder, you will need your Permit to Purchase, an FFL License or
a Concealed Hangun Permit to purchase any firearm. 

Guns (listing at the bottom of this page)
Leather Belts and Holsters
Gun Accessories
Gun Cabinet
Soft and Hard Gun Carriers
WWII M1 Carbine Clips
WW II Helmets
Microphones from WW II Aircraft Tanks

51 books from all US Wars, including Firearms, Airplanes, Air Wars, Battles, People

13 NIB War Plane Replicas
7 Kits of War Planes
Mickey Mouse Boots-new
Gobs of Cornhusker Paraphernalia
5 sets of 6 Osborne Milestone Victory Glasses
Autographed Tom Osborne Cap
Over 60 Related Special Sports Illustrated and Big 8 Magazines, Posters
6 NFL sets of Team Glasses-Bears, Niners, SeaHawks, Redskins, Colts, Cowboys

Cowboy Branding Irons
Lg. Steer Hide Rug
Lg. Texan Loghorn Skull & Horns

Bull Roping Ropes
Belt Buckles
Pocket Knives
Real Six Shooters
Cap Guns & Caps
Large Belt Buckles
Trains, Car Replicas

Vintage Burlington RR Keys and Locks
Fishing Equipment
Spiral Saw
RotoZip Spira Saw
Scroll Saw

Almost 200 Records—1916 -1980s-45s, 78, and 33 rpms--most in great shape
CDs, DVDs, Tapes

Painting & Etching by Daniel Long Soldier
Paintings by Sormani, Cantrell, Jeri Speer

Older Electronic Equipment
TEAC Multi Music Player CD Recorder
CamCorder Video Recorder
Sony Tape Recorder
Professional Recording Tapes
Kenwood AM-FM Stereo Receiver
Sound Mixer
29 Thornton Burgess-Mother West Wind Books
51 Nero Wolfe-Rex Stout Novels
Upright Freezer
Dorm Refrigerator-almost new
TV Console


   1.  22 Cal., Sturm/Ruger, Model Single Six-XR-3, w/box & extra grips            Ser. # 79439
   2.  22 Cal., Sturm/Ruger, Model Single Six, w/box & extra grips                     Ser. # 91572
   3.  44-40 Cal., Sturm/Ruger, Model Vaquero, w/extra grips                             Ser. # 55-53278
   4.  6.35 MM, Reck, Model P8                                                                                Ser. #151333
   5.  22 Cal.,
SGS, Model Domino 350
   6.  6.35 MM, Spanish, "Protector"                                                                       Ser. # 34663

   7.  22 LR Cal., H & R, Model 37, "Special"                                                           Ser. #545204

   8.  22 Cal., Jennings, Model J-22, w/box                                                            Ser. #430437
   9.  Marksman    6H270913        Repeater        4.5mm/.177

10.  22 Cal.,Browning, Model BL22                                     Ser. #70B19980
11.  30 Cal., US M1, Carbine                                                Ser. #2645870

12.  46-45 Cal., US Springfield, 1884                                 Ser. #547295 
13.  22 Cal., Springfield, 84C Repeater          
14.  7x57MM, Mauser, 1895, Chilean Contract                   Ser. #D9983
15.  32 HPS Cal., Marlin                                                       Ser. #336897
16.  22 Cal., Remington, Model 41, "Targetmaster"          Ser. #286847
17.  U.S. Remington,  Model 03-A3                                     Ser. #4171396
18.  22 Cal., Stevens, Model 84, Springfield
19.  38-55 Cal., Winchester, Model 94, Chief Crazy Horse  Ser. #CCH16112   
20.  22LR Cal., Winchester, Model 490                                Ser. #J040077   
21.  32 WS Cal., Winchester, Model 94                                 Ser. #1346767
22.  30-30 Cal., Winchester, Model Carbine                          Ser. #2481167      
23.  22 Cal., Winchester, Model 69-A, Repeater
24.  HyScore         808    Air Rifle 

25.  20 Ga.,
Ithaca, Model 37, Featherlight                          Ser. #1024522   
26.  410 Ga.,
Iver Johnson, Champion   
27.  12 Ga., Remington, Model 870, "Wingmaster"             Ser. #  553306V
28.  20 Ga., Winchester, Model 12                                         Ser. #1055658
29.  410 Ga., Winchester, Model 9410, w/box                     Ser. #    SG01890  

30.  12 Ga., Stevens, Red Head Brand   
31.  20 Ga., Stevens, Double Barrel                                       Ser. #   9641    511
32.  16 Ga., Wall Hanger w/ sling


We are selling for the Frank Bomberger Estate.



Thank you for attending!
Norman L. Ford – Founder      Gregory A. Ford – Salesman
2000 West Denton Road Lincoln, NE 68523
www.fordfordauctioneers.com or www.fordford.net
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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