UPCOMING: (2) DAY DOLL AUCTION: Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 5353 No. 27th Street Lincoln, NE.


We are selling for the Mary Stahlnecker Estate.

*R. John Wright Dolls & Animals*
*R. John Wright Santa Claus*
*Felt Maggie Iacono Dolls*

*Hard Plastic Dolls* *Composition Dolls*
*Skookum Indian Dolls*
*Terri Lee*

*Kish & Robert Tonner*
*Wendy Lawton Dolls*
*Wendy Lawton Accessories & Clothing*
*A Few Early Barbies*
*GI Joe*

*Steiff, Hermann & Red Land Bears & Animals*
*Doll Furniture & Clothes*
*Maree Massey Almost Real Dolls*
*Nice Emma Clear & Clairmaid Dolls*

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 10:00 Noon 8:00 AM
5353 No. 27th Street      Lincoln, NE.
(Auction held at the Country Inn & Suites--Lower Level.)


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We have just finished up with the Saturday sale.
We will be posting the written part of the ad within the next 48 hrs.
Photos to be posted mid next week.



FELT & CLOTH DOLLS TO INCLUDE: R. John Wright Marcella & Her Raggedy Ann Doll;
R. John Wright
Raggedy Ann & Andy; R. John Wright Camel with the Wrinkled Knees; (3) R. John Wright Bears;
R. John Wright Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh; R. John Wright Eeyore, Tigger, Owl, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit & Piglet;
R. John Wright Miss Golli & Golliwogg; R. John Wright UFDC Masette & Montague; 
R. John Wright Santa Claus;
17” Vintage Lenci Girl; Maggie Iacono Dolls; Norah Wellings Dolls.

STEIFF & OTHER COLLECTIBLE ANIMALS: (13) Steiff Bears; Steiff Squirrel; Steiff Camel Pull Toy on Wheels;
Steiff Snowmen; Little Gem Animals; Artist Bears; Red Land Bears; Hermann Bear; 
Plush Animals.

HARD PLASTIC & VINYL DOLLS TO INCLUDE: Early Vinyl Bubble Cut Barbies; Flocked Ken w/Box; Muhammad Ali by Mego;
14” M. Alexander Sonya Henie; P-90 Toni; Pat. Pend. Terri Lee; Terri Lees; 
GI Joe Vietnam Medic & Artic Adventure Sets, & Hall of Fame;
Buffy & Mrs. Beasley; Kish Dolls.

COMPOSITION DOLLS TO INCLUDE: (5) 7” Dionne Quints; General MacArthur; Ideal Flexy Fanny Brices
Baby Snooks; All Compo. Kewpie; Campbell Kid Girl; 20” & 12” All Compo. Ideal Shirley Temple; Effanbee Patsyette;
Skookum Dolls; Compo. By Lo Babies; Compo. Horsman Doll; Chalkware Kewpies.

ARTIST BISQUE DOLLS:  Large Selection of Wendy Lawton Dolls--Library Collection, UFDC Dolls, Masterpiece Dollction,
Collectors Guild, One-Of-A-Kind, Grand Tour, Little Women Collection, Mary Frances Sewing Book Collection, Children's Literature,
Early American, Tribute to June Amos Grammer, Classic Playthings, Fabric of American, Once Upon a Rhyme, Cherished Customs,
Wendy Lawton Trunks, Clothes & Accessories;  Marie Osmond;  Kingstate Dolls;  Seymour Mann;  Pauline.

MISC: Artist Bisque Emma Clear & Clairmaid Dolls; Artist Parians & China Dolls; Robert Tonner
Artist Bisque Dolls; Maree Massey Almost Real Dolls; Kathe Kruse Dolls; Celluloid Dolls; M. Alexander Dolls;
Wood Toys; American Girl; Betsy McCall Clothes; Byers Christmas Caroler Dolls & Accessories.

Doll Furniture & Doll Books.

We are selling for the Mary Stahlnecker Estate.


Thank you for attending!
Norman L. Ford – Founder      Gregory A. Ford – Salesman
2000 West Denton Road Lincoln, NE 68523
www.fordfordauctioneers.com or www.fordford.net
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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