FINAL RESULTS: FARMLAND & REAL ESTATE AUCTION: Saturday, December 5th, 2020 13001 W. Panama Road Crete, NE.

This property sold for $327,000.00 on 12-05-2020.


 Farmland--48.07 Acres
(2) Story Home w/4.29 Acres
TOTAL ACRES = 52.36 Acres (Selling as one unit.)
We are selling for the Maxine Mundt Estate.


Saturday, December 5th, 2020    11:00 AM
13001 W. Panama Road       (Rural) Crete, Nebraska 

At the intersection of SW 128th & W. Panama Road,
Turn West 1/4 Mile to the auction site.


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**Due to the possibility of Hazardous Conditions,
The home will not be open for inspections or walk throughs and this will include the day of the sale.**

It should be noted that with the new CDC mandates, there will be some restrictions in place.
Face masks must be worn and social distancing will have to be observed.
We will be providing sanitizing stations for patrons at the sale.
(The health and safety of our customers and employees is our number priority as the auction season ends.)

 (2) Story, Framed Home
(3) Bedroom
Saturday, December 5th, 2020     11:00 AM
13001 W. Panama Road     (Rural) Crete, NE.

(3) Bedroom, Framed Home.
Two Story Residence.
Built in 1910.
1,712 Square Feet.


**This home will need a lot of attention/work.**

(1)  3 Fixture Bath on the Main Floor.
Enclosed Porch.
Electric Baseboard Heat.
Well Water--has not been tested.
Septic System--the septic system is basically a 6" cast iron pipe running from the home.

Foundation--Crawl Space.

Legal Description:  S7, T7, R5, 6th Principal Meridian, Lot 5 & 6 NE
Parcel ID:  01-07-200-001-000
Property Class:  ( Ag Improved )
Primary Use:  ( Agricultural )
Zoning:  ( Ag-Agriculture District )
Neighborhood: 3800S - rural 3800S


The surveyors have finished their job and have put our flags/markers on the property.
Feel free to drive out and observe these markers.

The crop report from the FSA shows the following yields:

375.675 Bushels of Soybean
1,766.05 Bushels of Corn.
**The current tenant will be exercising his right to farm the ground in 2021 with a 60%-40% crop share.**

These two parcels of farmground are seperated by NRD wooded area and a stream.


D-Dryland Kennebec silt loam, occasionally flooded 0.31 $1,404
D-Dryland Judson silt loam, 2 to 6 percent slopes 9.39 $45,786
W-Waste Judson silt loam, 2 to 6 percent slopes 0.43 $320
D-Dryland Nodaway silt loam, occasionally flooded 0.45 $2,034
D-Dryland Wymore silty clay loam, 3 to 6 percent slopes, eroded 2.60 $10,912
D-Dryland Shelby clay loam, 7 to 12 percent slopes 9.55 $31,515
W-Waste Shelby clay loam, 7 to 12 percent slopes 0.90 $677
D-Dryland Burchard clay loam, 6 to 11 percent slopes 2.36 $8,305
D-Dryland Pawnee clay loam, 4 to 8 percent slopes, eroded 2.01 $7,068
D-Dryland Mayberry silty clay loam, 3 to 6 percent slopes, eroded 0.87 $3,662
D-Dryland Pawnee clay loam, 6 to 11 percent slopes, eroded 11.92 $39,333
D-Dryland Morrill clay loam, 6 to 11 percent slopes, eroded 7.15 $23,579
W-Waste Morrill clay loam, 6 to 11 percent slopes, eroded 0.02 $12
D-Dryland Otoe silty clay, 6 to 11 percent slopes, eroded 0.12 $399
HS-Homesite Site 4.29 $0





Category                  Acres                                    Category                                  Value
Total Ag Acres         48.07                                    Total Ag Appraised             233,340                                  
                                                                              Ag Appr Per Acre Value          4,854
Dry                           46.72
Grass                         0.00                                    Total Ag Assessed               175,005
Irrigated                   0.00                                    Ag Assd Per Acre Value           3,641
Waste                        1.35                                    Dry                                       173,996
Homesite                   4.29                                    Grass                                               0
Farmsite                    0.00                                    Irrigated                                         0
Commercial Site        0.00                                   Waste                                       1,009    
RROW                        0.00
Total Acres              52.07




5% Down Day of Sale with Balance in 45 Days.

This Property Sells Subject to the Confirmation of the Personal Representative.

To View This Property or For Additional Information,  Please Call: 402-475-7312.


We are selling for the Maxine Mundt Estate.


  Thank you for attending!


Norman L. Ford – Broker       Gregory A. Ford – Salesman


2000 West Denton Road       Lincoln, NE 68523       or

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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